Invoice processing

EDI Solutions – HubBroker ApS 

HubBroker ApS has developed EDI invoice solutions that help to:

  • Converting data-generated PDF files , e-invoice, e-order, to EDI (edifact, XML, csv, etc.) files
  • Data integration for exporting data from e-conomic, uniconta, billys, opencart, shopify etc.
  • Data integration for importing data into e-conomic, uniconta, billys, opencart, shopify etc.
  • HUB EDI invoice processing and order
  • Data mask and synchronization of product master data
  • Integration to GS1 data pool
  • Automatic cancellation of past due customer invoices
  • Receipt of EDI invoices with PO validation and price validation
  • Predefined transformations

In addition, HubBroker ApS offers standardized and customized invoice solutions and processing as needed in Dansk

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